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Art Journal

Art Journal

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Artists are Love
Well, in light of all of the LJ Drama and this upcoming strike(which I still don't understand, other than LJ trying to get some money out of members?), I decided to finally create my art journal, purplemistart, here on LJ. I like LJ so much more than Blogger, which is why I haven't updated that blog in forever. This new LJ is straight up virginal(I haven't added anything yet, not even a profile), but add me anyway. I'm pumping out new ideas, and I would love feedback.

Aaaand, there's my announcement for the day *^_^*
  • From my understanding, the reason for the LJ strike is that LJ is getting rid of their free s1 reg. accounts, yet the PLUS accounts will be now known as their free ones. Thus having those who hate ads and wanting those ads out of their journals must get a paid one.

    People are outraged and want them to reverse that decision, therefore the strike is scheduled to happen. This doesn't effect paid accounts in the least bit, but if you don't have a paid account and a reg. free ad-fee account, you will have ads.

    make sense?


    Oh, also. I found out there is a way to turn a journal into a store. A friend of mine makes handbags and she did this to one of her blogs on here.
    • Ah, okay...I've seen comments about it but I'm like "HHHHUUUUUH?" LOL.It's not that big of a deal to me, mainly because (A)I figured something like was going to happen sooner or later, because people who blog seriously can make a shitload from ads and stuff(that's why Perez Hilton has the money he has) and (B)I've gone a month or more without writing, so I may contribute the strike without trying, ha!

      You gotta show me how to make that journal into a store. I'm not quite at the level where I can sell my stuff(not enough inventory), but I want to be ready when I dive into that realm :-).
  • LJ drama. *eye roll* LOL.
    • Right? I read about this whole schtick with the strike and I was like,"is it really that serious?" Oh well, it's important to someone, I'm not gonna knock the hustle *shrug*
  • Hello! I'm in search of new LJ friends. You seem interesting and we have an lj friend in common lilydasupergirl. If it's ok I'd like to add you. If not I understand too. ;)
    • Sure, I'd love to add you :-)! I'm always on the lookout for new friends. I'm warning you though, I can be a bipolar crazy person in my journal LOL, so look out! I look forward to getting to know you.
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