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I'm On a Childhood Overload...

I'm On a Childhood Overload...

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Artists are Love
I can barely stand it!

First off, I'm watching "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Secret of the Ooze" on TV. One of my favorite movies of all times. I miss the days of animatronics...everything is CGI, now.

Second, just at random, I decided to google two of my favorite video games...Sonic the Hedgehog(played all three of the originals on SEGA and Game Gear religiously), and Ecco the Dolphin. I found a plethora of info on both, including the fact that both have now been released on Wii Virtual Console. I've heard of Wii, but have never played with one...can someone explain it to me? Pathetic, I know *blushes* I honestly haven't really played video games since the original Playstation came out. And I was into them hard, thanks to my brother. I can't tell you how many fights we got into over who would get first on both the Nintendo and the Genesis. But I got good at them...even fancied myself a video game designer, or animator, heh. I wondered what happened...oh wait, I know what happened. Boys happened. Boys who I crushed on, who thought I was weird for being so into games and cartoons. So I kind of zoned away from them, trying to be like the popular girls, in order to land the guys(which I never did). By the time I hit college, I was far gone and into my studies, not quite sure what I wanted to do when I finished. Bah. I can look back on that stuff and see how much I've changed, and how much I haven't changed. But I also look back and realize how much time I've wasted too. It's not too late, though...I have a clearer focus, clearer than ever in my whole life. But I digress...anyway, one of my weirdo habits was recording video game music on tape and listening to that on my Walkman. My favorite music came from all of the Sonic games. So needless to say, when I came across this on YouTube, I nearly passed out with delight. So I'm listening to it between commercials. I also found this website, where I can actually play on my comp. It feels familiar, I think it's light version of one of the Sonic Game Gear games.

So yeah, just wanted to share in my dorkiness, heheh. I'm mult-faceted like that. EDIT: Oh hell yeah, I found the site that kid used on YouTube. I now have the soundtracks for all the Sonic games I played as a kid, as well as the music to the Ecco games, and the US version of Sailor Moon soundtrack. Nerd like woah!
  • I didn't even know that TNMT 2 was on, I just happened to get the tail end of the first one last night.

    I have Sonic and Super Mario bros. (the first on) on my Wii Console. That and "Kid Icarus" and a few others. Way too much fun. Too bad that my living room is all dead (no electricity there....hows that for awful)

    So I must wait to play again.
    • I have the first one on DVD, I have yet to find the second one, which I love. They play it pretty regularly on ABC Family channel, keep an eye for it!

      How does the Wii work? In the commercials, I see its two sticks that work like virtual reality? I can't imagine playing Sonic without that controller, that's how long it's been LOL. I've been listening to the music from the games that I played(Sonic 1, 2, 3 and Sonic & Knuckles) almost nonstop since yesterday, heh. Is all the original music on the Wii, too? I need to get back into my games, I've wasted so much time on crap, I swear.

      What happened to your electricity :-(? Did that hailstorm knock it out?
      • The "stick" is called the "Wiimote" (clever huh?). You can play it either straight as you have seen it on tv or play it sideways so it can be used as a reg. remote.


        Same ole sounds as before. Love it.
        • "WIIMOTE?!" *faints* That ALONE is enough for me to buy it! LOL!
          • Problem is....the Wii's are hard to find. If you plan on getting one for a special occasion (say Xmas or something) They'd be sold out before hitting shelves. The only reason we were able to get one was because on release date, Steve told the EB Games that he'd do free security for them. We are/were friends with them. Then in return they let us get dibbs on their shipment.

            So I suggest you guys make friends with the Wii distributors (Gamestop, EB GAMES etc.)
  • Do you mind if I add you? We seem to have quite a bit in common, and I just read your post in the Hampton Roads community, we're moving there too and possibly around the same time when you are, it would be fun to see how it goes ;)
    I love Sonic too, hehe.

    • Sure! I'm always on the lookout for new friends, especially if we're going to be moving to the same area :-). I'll go ahead and add you back!
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