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Artists are Love
So I have yet another celebrity crush...on Peter Andre:

Most people here in the States don't know who he is, or maybe have a small inkling of an idea. He was a fairly big pop star overseas in the 90s, but now he's more known to be a tabloid fixture with his wife Katie Price, aka "Jordan," a UK glamour model:

Google her(the both of them, really), because I can't explain why she's as famous as she is in the UK. They're apparently considered the "Chav" version of Posh and Becks. I like them though, I watched their reality show when it was on E!, and watched the real version(aka the non-Americanized, unedited version) on Veoh. I like Katie's attitude and her way of living life on her terms, no matter what people say. I also admire a celebrity(if that's what you want to call her), who takes an active role in their kids life, instead of pawning them off to a team of nannies. Especially her oldest Harvey(from a previous relationship), who is a special needs child. As for Pete, he comes across as a real sweetheart, he's funny, and just a genuinely nice guy. You can tell he's absolutely in love with Katie. Not to mention, he's just hot!

I don't know what is, seriously, because I usually don't go for really pretty, really groomed guys. I think a lot of it has to do with his personality. Watch their show, and you'll know what I mean.

I also came across this music he did with her as "the girl." Not the best song, but I like the concept. He has some sexy, sexy lips, and the way he kisses her in the video reminds me of the way Chris kisses me when we're being really intimate...that slow, soft way, when he envelopes my face in both of his hands and gently presses his lips on mine. He's SUCH a good kisser.

Bleh, I need to go to bed. There's some weirdo shifting around in the dumpster outside, and I am even more grateful we live on the top floor.
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