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New York, Stand Up!

New York, Stand Up!

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New York Salute
Now, you all know I could give two shits about football, but...


I'm wearing my I Heart NY shirt tomorrow and giving smug smiles to everyone at work tomorrow, because they all swore up and down that the Giants wouldn't win. Sit on that and rotate, bitches!

Off to call my dad to make sure he hasn't died of a heart attack. His fandom of the Giants is borderline obsessive, heh.
  • you should have seen us here. lol. When they made that last touchdown I thought my mom was gonna fall over.
    • Ha, I'm sure my Dad did the same, along with crying...the last time the Giants won the Superbowl was the year after my mom died and he watched it without her for the first time :-(. So even though I didn't inherit the sports gene(seriously, I'm the ONLY one that doesn't watch sports of any kind), I'm happy! More than anything, I'm waiting to see people around here loaf around all mad and bitchy. They were all hellbent on the Pats winning, now I guarantee they'll be flags flying at half-mast tomorrow! I'm on my New York shit like no other ;-)
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